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Traditional Chinese

广播剧 Radio Drama
- (for two or more people)

Actually this is not a game but acting with your voices, just like people who are in radio dramas on the radio. Here are the main steps in getting it going:

1. Script - Find a script of a play or a drama that has the same number of characters your group has. If there are more characters than your group size, you can possibly have some group members take up two parts if some parts have very few lines. (For example, in our radio drama "A Christmas to Remember", two characters have very few lines: the father, and the Christmas tree salesman. So possibly, the person playing the boy can also play both the father and the salesman.) You can also have someone responsible for sound effects who also doubles as the minor characters.

2. Casting - Decide on who will play which character in the script chosen.

3. Reading - Have all the characters sit in a circle. Then starting from the beginning of the script, each character should read his/her own lines.

4. Memorizing - Each character should memorize his lines before the next practice. (Everyone should agree on how far to memorize - one scene each week should be a minimum so that if there are 4 scenes in the play, after 4 weeks, everyone should have his/her own part totally memorized.)

5. "Acting" - After a scene has been memorized, each actor/actress can then practice saying the lines from memory according to the script.

6. Performance - A date should be set ahead of time for the group to perform in front of an audience. This will give you a good incentive to work on it.

Note : If you have an English club at your school, this will be a great way to learn and practice English together.

If you need more help or information, please contact me, Teacher John Doe. Have fun!

学英语游戏 GAMES

如果你想跟朋友一起练习英语囗语, 这里有一些游戏你可以试一试。
If you would like to practice English with your friend, here are a few games that you can play together using English.

- 数字 1-10

- 盲侠听声线
- 简单问题
- 意见调查
- 猜物品
- 接龙编故事
- 广播剧




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