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Traditional Chinese

囗语练习游戏 -  盲侠听声线 Blind Race
- (for four or more people)

  1. To start: the participants are divided into teams.
  2. In each race, one pair from each team should compete. One in the pair should be blindfolded.
  3. The goal is for the blindfolded person to walk to the finish line according to the instructions (in English) given by the other person in the pair. No one is allowed to touch the blindfolded person in the race (except in an emergency situation when someone may get hurt).
  4. Before starting the race, the blindfolded participants should be spinned around a few times so that he/she does not know where he/she is heading.
  5. Once the blindfolded person reaches the finish line, the next pair in the same team can start.
Some words to be taught to the participants to use before the game:
  • Turn, stop, back up, left, right, step, forward, backwards.

Once the participants have played it a few times, here are a few variations that can make it more interesting and more challenging:

  • Place objects in the playing area as obstacles.
  • The blindfolded person has to transport a ping-pong ball with a spoon to put into a bowl at the finish line (without touching the ball or the bowl with his hands).
  • The blindfolded person has to scoop up a ping-pong ball of a specified color (among different colored balls) from inside a bucket before transporting it to the bowl at the finish line.

学英语游戏 GAMES

如果你想跟朋友一起练习英语囗语, 这里有一些游戏你可以试一试。
If you would like to practice English with your friend, here are a few games that you can play together using English.

- 数字 1-10

- 盲侠听声线
- 简单问题
- 意见调查
- 猜物品
- 接龙编故事
- 广播剧




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