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How to Expand Your Vocabulary
如何提高英语水平 How to Improve Your English
如何扩大词汇 How to Expand Your Vocabulary
如何提高英语囗语能力 How to Improve Your Oral Skills
如何提高英语听力 How to Improve Your Listening Skills

Building Vocabulary
Q Can you tell me how to enlarge vocabulary ?
A Hi, Rose,
I think a lot of students have probably bought a box of "flash cards" for learning new words. The problem is: most people are not disciplined enough to progress beyond words starting with the letter A! But it still takes some effort. So if you cannot make a commitment to work hard at it, you can stop reading this now.

I would suggest that unless you are very disciplined, you should build your vocabulary through the following:

1. reading - reading is essential for building a well-rounded vocabulary at a level that is suitable for you. You can read newspapers, novels, and even magazines. (Readers' Digest is a good one to read since the stories and articles are not long.)

2. writing - what you don't use, you lose! So it is important that you make use of the words and phrases you learn. Write letters, write a diary, write stories...

3. note-taking - use a notebook to write down words and phrases that you have read and would like to learn. Look them up in a dictionary and write down the meanings. Be sure to write down examples of how they are used. Then from time to time review them.

- John
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