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你好! 我是 「轻轻松松学英语」 节目的John Doe老师,要是你在学习英语的话, 有问题可以在这里找答案, 也可以问我, 我每星期都会来答覆。 其中很多解答都备有mp3读出, 是练习听力的又一好机会! (注意:目前我祗能在这里回覆,不能以电邮作答,请谅!)

Hi! My name is John Doe. if you are learning English and have a question, you can try to find the answer here. You can also ask us, and we usually come and answer questions once a week. Many answers are read aloud in an mp3 file. So it is another good opportunity for you to practice listening!

(Note: At this time we can only reply you here and not by email. Sorry!)

- John Doe 老师

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How to Improve Your English
Q 我对英语一直不入门,您能告诉我怎么办吗? 我真的很苦恼.因为我已经选了英语这个专业我想把它学好,可是我怎么也入不了门,我感觉我的方法不对,您可以给我建议吗?

A Hi, 宁,
Don't be discouraged even though you find it hard to learn English. Start with simple listening and speaking. Keep a notebook of all the new words or phrases that you learn. Set aside time to practice regularly and stick to your plan. You will improve bit by bit.
- Anne

How to Improve Your Oral Skills

I would suggest you focus on practicing listening and speaking. If you have a friend who also wants to improve his or her oral English, you can meet together and agree to converse only in English. You can share anything new that you have learnt and help correct each other's mistakes.
- Anne

How to Improve Your Oral Skills
Q hi how are from egypt.just i listen to your programe and i read it. it is very amazing.but please i need to have lessons to show how to pronuncied the english symbols sounds..thank u so much

A Hi, foggy,
Greetings to you in Egypt! Thanks for letting us know your needs. Unfortunately we don't have any lessons on English pronunciation symbols right now. I hope you can find someone to help you, or you can listen to our recordings and match the pronunciation of a word with the symbols you find in the dictionary.
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q 老师:

A Hi, 小宏,
There are a huge number of textbooks out there for learners of English as a foreign language. They will have different approaches. Some focus on grammar, vocabulary, and so on. Others may be more general and comprehensive, and graded for different levels of learners. Yet others may be targeted at specific groups of learners, such as a particular profession. You have to find ones that are suitable for you. In the least, you should have access to a good dictionary (which could be on-line) and a thesaurus. You should also read English fiction and other English books to become familiar with the everyday language.
- Anne

How to Expand Your Vocabulary
Q how to use "by that time ,by then"?

A Hi, boob,
The two phrases, "by that time" and "by then", mean the same. They mean no later than a specified time in the past or in the future. Here is an example: "Please come back tomorrow. I will have your report ready by then / by that time." Can you think of more examples? I would be interested to see them, if you would like to send them to me.
- John

How to Improve Your English
Q 我的英语基础很差 没有语感 如果从零开始 需要多长时间能学好 会用会说

A Hi, snow,
It's great that you want to learn English. Some people may take longer than others, but the main thing is to keep improving. Set yourself a target of how many hours you will devote to learning English every day, and you will be amazed how much you will have learned in a year. As the saying goes, "Every journey begins with a step."
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q Good afternoon. I the first time at a forum. Very much at you it was
pleasant to me.

A Hi, enulsigue,
Glad to meet you on this forum. It's a good place to practice your English. How are you finding the material on this website?
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q Hi. Sorry for my english. Happy New Year!!!!!
Good Luck!

A Hi, Sweta-Zinok,
Hope you are having a good year. Are you a student? Are you making progress in learning English?
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q 请问 如何提高英语写作

A Hi, 仪仪,
Do you read much in English? You can try reading stories and short essays. That way you can become familiarized with different styles of writing. Note any new vocabulary and phrases, and use a dictionary to help you understand how they are used. What do you find most difficult in writing in English?
- Anne

How to Improve Your Listening Skills
Q how to improve my listening ability?my listening ability is very poor,especially in news.i'm very confused at it.i hope someone can help me.thanks.

A Hi, nancy,
You are going in the right direction by trying to listen as much as possible. News readers use a more formal way of speaking. You should note any new vocabulary that you hear. On this website, most recordings are accompanied by the text, so you can read along as you listen. Then after a few times, you can try to listen without reading the text. Try it and let me know how you get along!
- Anne




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