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你好! 我是 「轻轻松松学英语」 节目的John Doe老师,要是你在学习英语的话, 有问题可以在这里找答案, 也可以问我, 我每星期都会来答覆。 其中很多解答都备有mp3读出, 是练习听力的又一好机会! (注意:目前我祗能在这里回覆,不能以电邮作答,请谅!)

Hi! My name is John Doe. if you are learning English and have a question, you can try to find the answer here. You can also ask us, and we usually come and answer questions once a week. Many answers are read aloud in an mp3 file. So it is another good opportunity for you to practice listening!

(Note: At this time we can only reply you here and not by email. Sorry!)

- John Doe 老师

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bring me to life

Special Verbs
Q Dear John Doe ρ畍,
I have a question again.
I want to ask why "This helps it see with only a tiny bit of light."& "Your cat thinks it owns your house and yard." The 1st sentence 'see'is not "sees", but the 2nd sentnece is "it owns"???
A Hi, Bring Me to Life,
The question about "help it see" is a good question. "Help" is a special verb like watch and see. You can take a look at the answer I give on 2004.1.10 on "Special Verbs".

The second sentence has an implied "that": Your cat thinks that it owns your house and yard.

- John

Building a Foundation
Q John Doe教授您好!我是第一次访问您的网站,我见到它就像森林迷路中见到启明星!谢谢您,你是我们福音.我是一名大专毕业生,工作两年了,英语水平很差,语汇量也很少,很想学好英语,每次想学的时候只是拿本字典出来没有方向地背单词,没过几天就不了了之地中止了,我很茫目,您能给我指条有效劳的学习方法吗?感激不尽!
A Hi,严并元,
Welcome to our website! If you want to build a good foundation in the English language, you should not start with a dictionary. When little children learn English, they don't read a dictionary. I suggest you read simple children stories. When you don't understand a word that is important for understanding the story, then look it up in a dictionary.

We will soon have short stories here. You will be able to read and listen at the same time.

- John

Q Zip 琌ぐ单词缩写?
A Hi, Tinna,
"Zip" as a verb means to move fast, like a bee. But in the U.S., "Zip code" means postal code.
- John


Practicing Oral
Q Hi! Mr John. I'm Tracy, studying at a university.I want to improve my oral level, the best way in my opinion is to practice with a native speaking person. But I can't find the very one. So , at the moment, I haven't the idea to practise it. Can you tell me some suggestions?
A Hi, Tracy,
Yes, It is true that it is best to practice with a native English speaker. But if you can't find one to practice with, you may have to settle for something less like watching television, listening to radio, and practicing on the internet. Maybe we will have chatting some day on our website. Will you come if we have live chat in English?
- John
bring me to life

Q Dear John Doe ρ畍,
I want to ask "so expensive", "very expensive", which one is right?
And, is it any differences among "many books", "a lot of books","lots of books"?
This is my examples. I didn't copy for any places. I hope you can understand what I am saying.

Your sincerely,

bring me to life
A Hi, Bring Me to Life,
I will need to know the context to tell you whether "so expensive" or "very expensive" is right.

"Lots of books" and "a lot of books" are the same, while "Many books" are fewer than "a lot of books".

- John
bring me to life

Pop Culture
Q Have you ever dyed you hair?
Why it doesn't say 'your hair'?
I see this in commom, but I don't understand.
A Hi, Bring Me to Life,
I have not heard that before, but then it may be part of the pop culture. Just know that proper English is "your hair".
- John

Making Friends with Westerners
Q How do I make a friend with the forener?
A Hi,Johnpaul,
I think it is the same with making friends with anyone: you need to be sincere. The Bible says "Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31 NIV) What do you think?
- John

Associating with Westerners
Q 怎样和老外交往?我该注意什么?
A Hi,邓军,
I think one thing is to treat him/her with respect. Don't look at them with a different attitude from a local. Every person should get the same respect. So the first thing is to not call them 老外! What do you think?
- John

Starting Up in Oral English
Q 我的英语水平很差,能告诉我该如何学起?听力该如何培养?请多指导,谢谢!
A Hi,萧萧,
I think a good way is to read simple English stories. And you should read them aloud so that you can hear it yourself. We will have some simple stories here. So you can read along out loud as you listen.
- John

Learning English Words
Q 你好:我每次学英语背的单语一下子就忘了怎样可以提高记忆力。学习起来很被动。
A Hi,君子兰,
You should always use it; otherwise you lose it! Write a sentence using the word that you are learning. And do that three times. That will help you remember it.
- John

Q Hi! Dear Mr. John Doe and Abby, both of you are the best partners in the program of English Easy,I should say Thank you so much, not only you are hard-working, such as your topics are excellent and your scriptures are timely, but I and my friends have been following your teaching since the first lesson, we get a lot. More and more friends of mine follow you. Bye the way, when you have a minute, can you explain "You have got an under-performer on staff."?
A Hi, Rosa,
Thank you so much for your encouraging word! Tell more of your friends about our website! And ask them to write us!

An "under-performer" often refers to someone whose work does not meet the standard. So "you have got an under-performer on staff" means "you have someone among your staff whose performance is not up to standard". But note that the exact meaning may vary slightly depending on the context.

- John

Advancing to the Next Level
Q How can I improve my English more?
I am an English teacher. I can communicate with native speakers without any difficulty. but sometimes I still feel I can't express myself exactly, how can I improve my English more?
A Hi, Lydia,
I assume that you were talking about oral communication. I would recommend the following "diet" for you in improving your oral communication -
1. listen to native speakers more;
2. find and read through a list of words for expressing emotions;
3. communicate with native speakers more;
4. keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

Also, when you said sometimes you could not express yourself exactly, was it when you want to express your feelings, or a situation?

- John
David He

Fear of Speaking English
Q John你好!我大学毕业工作已经三年多了,英语六级已过。但口语表达一直不好,过一段时间要做项目和老外接触很多,现在急于提高英语口语。我的听力还可以,老外说得我90%都能听懂,就是不敢说或不知怎么说。想请你给我个好的建议,我每天花两个小时坚持3个月会有效果吗?谢谢,盼复!
A Hi, David,
You have done well to pass the CET 6. And if you can understand 90% of what a westerner says, then you should have no problem in speaking. I think your fear of saying something wrong is stopping you from speaking up. Since you already have an opportunity to converse with native English speakers, you really should take advantage of that. How would you overcome your fear? First you should realize that it is okay to make a mistake. Then make a series of goals. Here is the first goal for you - ask a question (e.g. Where do you work? What do you do? Do you like your job?)

Since you are already at a level that you have a good command of English, spending two hours a day may not help you unless you spend them on the right thing. Conversing with a native English speaker will be one of them.

Also, when you write me next time, I want you to write in English! (Maybe you can record your answer in English and send it to me.)

- John

Preparing for CET 4
Q John Doe 老师:我每次听英语听力时总是反应速度很慢,又什么好的方法可以改善英语听力么?今天我参加了英语四级考试,但是做题很吃力,还有几道都做不完。如何准备英语四级比较有效一点,能给我一个大体的方案么?谢谢!
A Hi, Fansney,
It is a common difficulty for people to have a "slow response rate" when listening in English because you are probably translating what is said into Chinese first. We hope to have more material for people to practice listening and for getting more prepared for the CET 4. So keep visiting us.
- John

Learning English
Q I want learning english,please help me,thank you !
A Hi, Migrator,
You have taken the right step because you wrote your question in English. My advice is: listen to English more.
- John

English Material
Q 请问目前你认为最好的一套循序渐进地学好英语的教程是什么?
A Hi,丑丑,
Sorry, I am not familiar with them at all.
- John

Quickest Way
Q 老师下午好:
A Hi,盼盼,
Can you spend 8 hours a day working on it?
- John

Starting to Learn
Q 老师你好!
A Hi, 大海
It is never too late to start!
- John

A Hunder Flowers
Q There is
a hundred flowers on it.?
A Hi, Camb,
What on earth are you talking about?
- John

Q “请多多指教。”怎么翻译?
A Hi, Lee,
It depends on the context.
- John

Adding Quality to Quantity
Q Dear jone doe teacher:
I am a university student in grade two. I have passed cet-6,which cause me not to know how to get a greater progress in english learning .I always can't speak clearly everytime i want to convey something to others in english .I am confidence that i have master the basic english ,now i hope to know how to get a greater
progess ,which is in the quality not only in quantity in vacabulary that i can't use .thanks a million!
A Hi, Xixi,
That is very good! If you have attained CET 6, perhaps it is time to practice "real life" English - reading newspapers, watching English TV, conversing with native English speakers (if you have that opportunity), and writing. Would you like to write a story and send it to me?
- John

Taking Tests
Q 怎样学好英语
Thank you !~~~~~~~
A Hi,哈哈哈勒,
I assume that you were talking about taking tests. There are generally two kinds of mistakes that students make: careless mistakes and mistakes from not knowing the answer. So the first thing is to make sure you don't make careless mistakes. A lot of mistakes made in tenses are careless mistakes. For example: "He like that girl." Can you see the mistake? Do you make this kind of mistakes? Please answer me in English.
- John

Six and Sex
Q Dear John:
A Hi, Waiting,
Glad you are waiting! Yes, these two words sound very similar. Here is how I would pronounce them - six, and sex.
- John

A Little Test
Q 我是一个英语初学者对一些单词都不能够很好的掌握怎么才能很好的掌握单词呢
A Hi, 求学者,
Let me give you a little test and see - please read the story below and tell me what words you don't know:

I have a dog at home. His name is Buster. His hair is light brown, and he has a long bushy tail that he wags whenever I come home from school. I got him when he was just a puppy. He does not bark very often. In fact I have only heard him bark twice! I hope that when a burglar comes at night, he will bark and wake us up! But even if he doesn't, he is still my friend because he likes me and I like him!

- John

Q 我的听力不好
A Hi,金新,
So what are you doing about it?
- John

English Story
Q Dear Mr doe:
I am leaning English,but I can not read and understand English story.我该怎么办 ? (我很努力才写了一段英文,见笑了!)
A Hi, Roket,
Good job! You will succeed because you are willing to work hard!

We hope to soon have other easier stories for learning English.

- John




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