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Traditional Chinese

你好! 我是 「轻轻松松学英语」 节目的John Doe老师,要是你在学习英语的话, 有问题可以在这里找答案, 也可以问我, 我每星期都会来答覆。 其中很多解答都备有mp3读出, 是练习听力的又一好机会! (注意:目前我祗能在这里回覆,不能以电邮作答,请谅!)

Hi! My name is John Doe. if you are learning English and have a question, you can try to find the answer here. You can also ask us, and we usually come and answer questions once a week. Many answers are read aloud in an mp3 file. So it is another good opportunity for you to practice listening!

(Note: At this time we can only reply you here and not by email. Sorry!)

- John Doe 老师

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Sandy Ng

English Easy Text
Q You changed the topic into "Fun with Animals" on Tuesday. When will you post the related text? I'm waiting for the text. Thank you for your favourable reply.
A Hi, Sandy,
Thanks for your message.
- John

Speaking Clearly in English
Q Dear John Doe teacher,
i have a big problem in my oral english .i cannot speak every word clearly when put in a sentences. it seems as my tongue is a litter bit shorter than others. whenever i record my reading material i could not identify what is talking about .i tried ti slow down my speed ,it proved to be much better,but not so effective .could you please help me .i will be very appreciate for your kindness.
A Hi, Lily,
I can understand your problem. It is quite common. Your tongue is not accustomed to speaking in English. You were correct to slow down. Don't feel like you have to talk fast! A lot of people speak slowing in English-speaking countries too. By and by, when you are more fluent, you will be able to speak faster.
- John

Improving Your English
Q Mr john:
A Hi, Sandy,
Listening to the radio is not easy because you don't have other body language to "read".

How much time do you spend in a week on practicing English?

- John

Passing the CET4
Q what can i do to pass the CET4 in a shortest time?
thank you!
A Hi, Joanna,
First of all, I need to know what your level is. So please take the quizzes we have on line and let me know which questions you got right. (Please take at least three quizzes.)
- John

Remembering Words
Q I always forget the word I have learned.How should I do?
A Hi, Ted,
Do you learn the words in their context and how they were used?
- John

Learning Basic English
Q 你好,我很想学习英语,但年龄比较大了,记忆力也差,有时觉得不知道该从何下手,请指点,谢谢
A Hi,蚊子,
If there is a will, there is a way! (有志者事竟成) A good place to start will be basic words for conversation, especially words that you can use in daily life.
- John

Problems for Chinese Learners
Q What do you think are the bigest problems in learning English for Chinese ? and how to overcome them?
A Hi,Mary,
I think one of the biggest problems for Chinese learning English is the lack of opportunities to practice. To overcome that, one must take advantage of every opportunity. Another big problem is the lack of confidence, or being shy and afraid to make a mistake. To overcome that: just do it!
- John

Improving English
Q 我是一名英语专业的学生上大学2年级。
A Hi, Cissy,
How often do you practice listening? If you want to improve, you must practice as much as possible. How is your reading comprehension ability? If you can read and understand but only have problems understanding when listening, then you should concentrate on practicing listening.
- John

Struggle With and Struggle Against
Q Hello!
I have a question to ask you:what're the differences between "strrggle with"and "struggle aginst"?
A Hi, 月儿,
Long time no see!

They are sometimes interchangeable. But "struggle against" usually has to do with something that one does not want to do, or an enemy. It implies something opposite. e.g. The struggle against evil is long and hard.

By the way, are you still looking for a penfriend?

- John

Improving One's Oral Skills
Q 我想学好口语,但不知道怎样学好!
A How much time do you practice a day?
- John

How to Write a Thesis
A Hi, Coldfish402,
My question for you is: what is the first step in writing a thesis on any subject?
- John

Learning English Again
Q 我一直都很喜欢英语,但大学时因为老师不太好,所以就荒废了,到现在想再学,请问怎样开始学好?我最想学好口语,我应该怎样做呢?谢谢!
A Hi, Lin,
As I have told others before, you have to practice more. One main reason for this question and answer BBS is for practicing English.

Learning English is just like learning everything else: start with something simple. So you should start with something that is suitable to you.

- John

How to Practice Listening
Q we all know that we should practise more to improve listening skill.However,it wasnot useful for me.I donot know the reason . can you tell me?
A Hi,Esther,
I am glad to hear that you are practicing. And I am glad that you wrote in English: it is part of the practice.

Here are a couple of questions for you: How do you practice listening? How often do you practice?

- John

Building Vocabulary
Q 亲爱John老师:
A Hi,黄色咪咪大香
When you review new words, do you review how the word is used in a sentence also?
- John
Sandy Ng

Kindergartens in America
Q A child who is at age five attends Kindergarten in America, generally, How many years should the child stay in Kindergarten? one or two years? About how much USD should their parents pay for it every semester?
A Hi,Sandy,
I think generally a child goes to pre-school for 1 year, and then kindergarten for 2 years. I don't know how much it costs - I am sure it varies from place to place. You may want to do some research on-line on kindergartens in the locale you are interested in.
- John

How to Think in English
Q how to think in english?
A Hi, Ljyang,
If you are not a native speaker of English, in order to think in English, you first need to be fluent in it. In fact thinking in it is a good guage on your fluency. To think in it means that you associate objects and concepts with English. It is like a reflex. You can actually train yourself to do that. We hope to have some Flash games people can download to help them practice.
- John
enjoy youu day

Problems in Learning English
Q 你好?
A Hi, Enjoy Youu Day,
Can you give me an example of what words you have learned?
- John

English Story in mp3
Q JOHN DOE老师,请问这里的英语故事可以提供MP3的下载吗?谢谢!!
A Hi, 小虫,
Sorry, we don't have them in mp3 yet. We hope to some time in the future.
- John

Sending English Recording
Q Hello,my name is "duck" .How can I send the record to you ?
If you can send me your email address, then I can let you know how to do that.
- John

Learning English Again
Q 我是毕业好几年了,但现在发现生活和工作中英语真的很重要,又重新学习英语。你能介绍方法和书帮我?
A Hi, Jennifer,
Yes, English is getting more and more important when the world gets smaller and smaller. As for the method of picking English back up, I will need to know your level. So you should ask the question in English and also tell me what your English level is. Also, please take a look at the page on "How to improve your English" and get some ideas.
- John
stone lee

How to make use of the advice
Q thank you very much for your respondence about my question.and now i have another question.would please tell me how to make the best use of your excellent advise you've done here for all of us.actually,i believe we all want to learn more from you.thanks wishes.
A Hi, Stone,
My words of advice on learning english are all very practical. So I am not sure how to spell them out even more.

I think the first battle is to have the incentive to learn. Once we are motivated to learn, we need to decide on the goals, especially the short-term goals. That's why I often ask how much time you want to spend on learning English everyday. Once you have these two things settled, the rest is much easier because I do think that all of you can become good at English.

I cannot force you to read 2 pages of English everyday. I cannot force you to review English words everyday. You have to do it yourself. I can find more material to help you, encourage you to read and listen to it every week, but actually doing it is up to yourself.

- John

Websites for Learning English
Q 你好,John Doe 老师,我想问一下有没有好的英语学习的网址。
A Hi, 小吴,
I know of some websites for learning English, but they are either completely in English, or their standard of English is not up to par. (I have often discovered many mistakes in the material of some very famous English-learning websites.)
- John

Advice for the Timid
Q 嗨 你好 我是大一的新生 学国贸韧专业的 我想学好英语但我胆子比较小 都不敢讲 我想问一下如何让自己放开胆子地讲 谢谢
A Hi,鸭子,
I think it will be good to set small goals. If your goal is to just say one word: "hello", then it is easier to achieve. Or just to say "good morning", or something simple. Or if you are in class, your goal can be to say: "I don't understand. Could you explain that please?" Another way is to record something you say and let someone listen to it. Would you like to record something and send it to me?
- John

Improving Listening and Oral Skills
Q hi! nice to meet you,i want to improve my listening and oral skills.please give me the best advices.thank you very much.
a silly girl
A Hi, Angel,
First of all, did you read all the answers I gave on those two topics? If you have, then let me know what level you are at school and tell me what you have difficulty in.
- John

Improving on Spoken English
Q My speaking English is very poor,How to improve my speaking English?
A Hi, Apple,
Many people have asked that question before. Did you read the answers I gave them? If you did, then you need to tell me what level you are at school and what difficulty you have in speaking English.
- John

Improving English for Work
Q 我的英语总是起步不大,我已参加工作了,我学的是旅游,在酒店工作。当然英语很重要,我应该怎么去学才有高的进步呢?谢谢JohnDoe老师!
A Hi,赵玉玲,
Needing to use English at work is a good incentive for improvement. Since you are in the hotel industry, it will be good to start with the basics you need for work. And you must decide how much time to devote to practicing it everyday.
- John

Improving Your English
Q 你好!我想学,不过我的基础很差。单词也少,语感也不好,词态也不行。怎么办呢?有没有容易上学的方法呢?谢谢
A Hi, 快乐之星,
Do you read English stories? If you don't, you should start now. Find a book that is right for your level and read it, looking up the words in a dictionary and write them down in a notebook together with how it is used in the story. Review that regularly.
- John

Reciting to Improve Oral English
Q hi john,my major is english,i know some foreign teachers,i spend time with them,but i find didn't improve my oral english a lot,i still have listening problems,so i decide i recite a short aretile everyday to improve my oral english ,do you think it's a good way,i will graduate in next summer,maybe in the end of this year i will find a job ,i hope i have a perfect english ,tell me your advise ,thank you,blessing
A Hi, Eva,
When it comes to the speed of improvement, it depends on your level. I think the better you are, the less obvious the improvement is. And the closer you are to "perfection", the more difficult it is.

I think every little bit of practice helps. So reciting a short article will help, but if you want to improve on your listening, then wouldn't it be better to listen to tapes of conversations - and mimic the people?

I wonder why you have difficulty listening. How long have you been spending time in chatting with your foreign teachers? Is it the speed that makes it hard? Is it their vocabulary - things that you don't understand?

By the way, it would be good for you to pay closer attention to your punctuations. It may seem a minor thing, but it is important.

- John
Little grass.

To Somebody vs For Somebody
Q Hi,Dear John ,
I'm Little grass.Thank you for your answers to my questions very much.I have a question here again. Is " to sb."different from " for sb.?"What's their difference?
Give me an example,OK?Thanks.
A Hi, Little Grass,
"To somebody" and "for somebody" are generally quite different. For example:
1. I want to speak to you. 我想跟/向 你讲话
2. I want to speak for you. 我想为/代你讲话
3. I walked to him. 我步向他
4. I walked for him.我代他步行

However, there are times when they are similar:
1. I went to her when I heard her cry.
2. I went for her when I heard her cry.
Here in example 1, it just means 我到她那里去, but in example 2, it has the implied meaning of going to her to get her and/or take care of her, remove her from danger.

- John

Finding the Right Material
Q Hi, John Doe,I'm a student,I like english,and want to learn it well.But when I read a passage,there are many word I not known its mean.To me,if where is an unknow means word,I could not know the passage mean.I feel my reading speed and understand low.I want to ask you how I inprove my english level.
A Hi,001,
It is important to find the right material to read. Reading something that has too many new or unknown words is frustrating (i.e. makes you annoyed, unhappy, discouraged). So choose something that is suitable for you. It is good to read something that has just a few words unknown to you: neither too many nor too few. Many story books nowadays have a age level on the cover showing what level it is suitable for.
- John

How to Improve English Listening Skills
Q HOW to improve my english listening?
A Hi,醇┒
Take a look at the page on improving your oral skills for some ideas.
- John

Practicing Basic Oral English
Q hi john:首先谢谢你的回答。现在由于工作非常忙,所以晚上学习的时间很少很少,但我上班的来回车程有2小时,我是否利用这两个小时听些英语,来提高我的听力呢?怎么样的文章或者说什么比较适合我听?谢谢!
A Hi, Milly,
If the journey to and from work takes that long, it is a good idea to make good use of that time.
I think it will be good to start with very simple English. If you want to start at the very basic, see if you can find any tapes that also have a book with pictures to go with the audio but without any Chinese. Then your mind can associate the audio with the pictures. The very basic will be very simple nouns, e.g. cat, dog, cow, etc. This is how you can build up your word association mechanism so that as soon as you see a picture, you don't have to think in Chinese before you can say the English word for it. If you cannot find any, let me know and I will see about getting a list of simple words recorded and making it available for you to download, and then you can draw the pictures yourself in a notebook.
- John

Improving Oral Skills
Q 我是在外贸公司工作,但我的英语不好。一般的英文还能看得懂一点,但是这次有美国客户来跟我对话之后我才明白英语口语真的太差太差,能否告诉我如何学习英语和提高我的口语水平!谢谢!
A Hi, Milly,
I can understand your problem. It is common to many people. Often times you have been learning how to read and write but have not had much practice in conversations. Here are what I see as the main difficulties:

1. The vocabulary of conversational English is slightly different from the written one. People use a lot of slang.
2. The speed that people speak at is faster than someone learning English can keep up, and people often don't annunciate: they slur words together a lot.
3. Someone learning English as a second language usually needs to translate a sentence in order to understand (English to Chinese), and when responding, needs to translate a thought into the second language before saying it (Chinese to English).
4. When speaking, you want to say something perfectly.

The combination of the above makes it very hard to carry on a "normal" conversation.

Here is my advice:
1. If you want to improve, you must be willing to spend time in practicing it.
2. You need to first build a foundation, and this foundation is to be able to understand simple children's English without needing to translate.
3. The next step will be to expand your vocabulary to the adult level up to a point that you don't need to translate.

The final goal of the above is that you will think in English.

Do you think it is possible? I can tell you that it is! If you are living in an environment where everybody speaks English, it will take 6 months. If you don't have that environment, it will take longer, but it is still possible.

So my first question for you is: how much time are you willing to spend everyday in improving your English?

- John

Are You Around?
Q Hi,月儿,
Are you still around? I have not heard from you for a long time.
- John

Practise English Listening
Q I want to practise my English listening,but I don't how?
A Hi, Doris,
Have you tried doing what I suggested on the page about Improving Your Listening Skills?
- John

Building Vocabulary
Q Can you tell me how to enlarge vocabulary ?
A Hi, Rose,
I think a lot of students have probably bought a box of "flash cards" for learning new words. The problem is: most people are not disciplined enough to progress beyond words starting with the letter A! But it still takes some effort. So if you cannot make a commitment to work hard at it, you can stop reading this now.

I would suggest that unless you are very disciplined, you should build your vocabulary through the following:
1. reading - reading is essential for building a well-rounded vocabulary at a level that is suitable for you. You can read newspapers, novels, and even magazines. (Readers' Digest is a good one to read since the stories and articles are not long.)
2. writing - what you don't use, you lose! So it is important that you make use of the words and phrases you learn. Write letters, write a diary, write stories...
3. note-taking - use a notebook to write down words and phrases that you have read and would like to learn. Look them up in a dictionary and write down the meanings. Be sure to write down examples of how they are used. Then from time to time review them.

- John




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