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Traditional Chinese

用语快递 Words Seen and Heard

  • Spirit
    e.g. "Our athlete did a marvellous job keeping the fighting spirit to the last second," said the coach.
  • Participate
    Over 10,000 athletes from all over the world will participate in the Olympics.
  • Applause
    e.g. His victory was followed by a burst of applause.
  • Excitement
    e.g. Her victory brought great excitement to the whole nation.
  • Event
    e.g. Winning the Olypmics was a great event in this life.
  • Spectators
    e.g. The competition drew thousands of spectators to the badminton court.
  • Pressure
    e.g. He remains calm even under pressure.
  • Challenge
    e.g. It was a challenge for him to beat all his strong opponents in the game.
  • Stamina
    e.g. You need to have stamina to finish and win the 10,000 meters race.
  • Eliminate
    e.g. Some participants were eliminated after the semi-finals.
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