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用语快递 Words Seen and Heard

  • Victory
    e.g. He celebrated his victory in the Olympics.
  • Dedicate
    e.g. He dedicated his victory to his coach and country.
  • Nation
    e.g. He celebrated his victory in the Olympics and dedicated it to his nation.
  • Champion
    e.g. The world champion has beaten all other opponents again in the race.
  • Admit
    e.g. The athlete admitted that he had taken banned drugs.
  • Nervous
    e.g. The gymnast was so nervous that she forgot her routine.
    e.g. She admitted that she was nervous with her first shot during the shooting competition.
  • Disappoint
    e.g. He was a bit disappointed at failing to break his own world record.
  • Adapt
    e.g. In the past few Olympics, participants always had difficulty adapting to the weather conditions.
  • Athlete
    e.g. The athlete's years of training paid off.
  • Marvellous
    e.g. The diver's marvellous performance won the applause of the spectators.
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