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用语快递 Words Seen and Heard

  • Accomplishment
    e.g. The winning team said, 'We are very happy for this achievement. It was an accomplishment of team work under the guidance of our coach."
  • Contribute
    e.g. The gold medal winner said that his coach's training contributed most to his success.
  • Retire
    e.g. The previous record-holder retired after winning two gold medals in the swimming game.
  • Compete
    e.g. He became the first tennis player to compete in five Olympics.
  • Record
    e.g. She set another record on Sunday in the women抯 competition.
    e.g. He broke the world record in high-jump.
  • Opponent
    e.g. She met a tough opponent at the competition on Sunday.
  • Determine
    e.g. She is appearing in her first Olympics and is determined to win a medal.
  • Qualify
    e.g. Only the top eight women qualified for the final in Olympics.
    e.g. He didn't qualify for the 200 meters race in the Olympics this time.
  • Satisfy
    e.g. Even though he received a silver medal, he was not satisfied with his own performance.
  • Performance
    e.g. She said,"I am very satisfied with my performance this time."
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