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Hello, my name is Auntie Arlene. I will share with you different stories from my life. Some of them are quite amazing. My life has been rich with adventures. I have traveled this road for a very long time. It all began in a little house in the countryside. But the path has taken me to far away places. Will you join me on this journey? You will learn a lot about other people and places around this world. Are you ready? It will be a fun trip. So let's get started. [mp3]

预备食物 Preparing Different Foods


I have mentioned before that the supermarket was quite an experience because it was totally limited in what you could purchase. I learned very quickly that there were no cake mixes in boxes and everything had to be prepared from scratch. I needed some recipes but I did not have a cookbook. Thankfully, I was given one by another family.

We learned to eat different foods and to cope with uninvited bugs. Our first challenge was how to prepare powdered whole milk. There were no cows on the island so fresh milk was non-existent. The powder came in a can and was measured and mixed with water. We would mix the milk in a pitcher and place it in the refrigerator overnight, and it would be cold enough for breakfast the next day.

The choice of cereal was limited to stale cornflakes and shredded wheat. As the family gathered for breakfast our first morning on the island, I poured the milk into the bowls and discovered tiny black specks floating to the top. The bugs had already enjoyed our shredded wheat. We learned to store everything in closed plastic containers. We tapped spaghetti noodles on the counter before adding them to the hot water and the bugs would drop out. If they didn't, we scooped them off the top of the hot water. Flour always had to be sifted before making pies, pizza dough, cakes and cookies; otherwise there would be black specks in the batter. A fun game was to place a spoonful of jam on some spot and watch how many ants found it within minutes.

From scratch - From the beginning, without using anything that already exists
Challenge - A task needing great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully.

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