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  My name is Adam Neil and I am a college student in America. Though my parents are from America, I grew up in Asia. That has given me a unique perspective of life in American college. I hope that these short episodes can give you a feeling for life as a college student in America. [mp3]


着火了! Fire!

At the end of the school year, before we leave the campus for the summer, each student is required to clean their own room. So while we were packing up our clothes, books and everything else, we were also busy cleaning our rooms as well.

Dan, who was in the room next to mine, suddenly called out to me to come and help him. I ran over to his room, and almost fainted from the horrible smell. Dan was vacuuming the carpet of the room, when the vacuum caught the corner of the carpet and picked it up. Somehow because of that, the carpet caught on fire.

Although Dan was able to quickly step on the fire and put it out, the smell of the burning carpet was very bad, and it stayed in the room for a few hours. Dan later told me that he had to pay the school for the damage.

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