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不丹 - 民族 Bhutan - People

Bhutan - People

Welcome to Window on the World. I am so glad that you are listening today. We are learning about the Kingdom of Bhutan. The country's capital and largest city is Thimphu (Timfu). The population is about 1,700,000 people. Today we will learn some things about the people of Bhutan.

The official language of Bhutan is a Tibetan dialect but English and Nepali are also spoken. Many people who live in the southern foothills of Bhutan come from the country of Nepal. Many people live in the southern Duars region and also along eastern valleys because the land is very fertile. This means that the land is very rich and good for farming. Families often do farming to raise food. Some foods that are grown include rice, barley, fruits and vegetables. In high mountain areas, farmers have herds of cattle and yak.

Children in Bhutan are entitled to 11 years of primary and secondary education but very few children attend school because education is not compulsory. This means that it is not required for children to attend school. For children who do attend school, many often move to the area where the school is located. They are then given a place to live and food is prepared for them. Children are taught in English and the language of Bhutan. A favorite sport in Bhutan is archery. It is enjoyed by many and is the national sport. Painting and sculpting are also encouraged at the School for Fine Arts.

It is time to close our Window on the World for now. Next week, we'll discover some interesting information about the animals that live in Bhutan. Be sure to be listening.

Farewell, friends!

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