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以色列 - 地理 Israel - Land


Welcome to Window on the World. Today we will learn about a country that is located in the Middle East. It is a country that is found in the Bible and one that has a rich history. The country is Israel. We will learn all about modern day Israel, and then we'll take a look into some of its Bible history.

Its official name is the State of Israel. The capital city is Jerusalem. It is 21,060 square kilometers. Israel is bordered by Lebanon in the north, Syria on the north east, Jordan on the east, Egypt in the southwest and by the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The southern most tip reaches to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Although Israel is a small country, it has several different types of land areas. The northern region has the hill of Galilee. The middle to the south of the country has flat lands or plains known as the Plains of Esdralon (ES DRA LON). In the extreme south is the Negev Desert region. The Jordan River is a major water source in Israel. It flows 209 meters from Mt. Hermon on the Lebanon border to Lake Tiberias also known as, the ¨Sea of Galilee,〃 then into the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is both the lowest body of water on earth and also the saltiest. It has 9 times more salt than an ocean. You can float very easily in this water. It is also called the ¨Salt Sea.〃 The Dead Sea is so salty that no fish can live there only small shrimp, called brine shrimp can live there. The word ¨brine〃 means ¨full of salt〃 so I guess that these little shrimp are extra salty! Next week, we'll learn about the people of Israel when we open our Window on the World. I hope you will join us as we learn more about countries around the globe!

Until next time, goodbye friends!

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