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Hello, my name is Auntie Arlene. I will share with you different stories from my life. Some of them are quite amazing. My life has been rich with adventures. I have traveled this road for a very long time. It all began in a little house in the countryside. But the path has taken me to far away places. Will you join me on this journey? You will learn a lot about other people and places around this world. Are you ready? It will be a fun trip. So let's get started. [mp3]

岛上的生活 Life on the Island


Our arrival on the island was interesting. We were all very tired from a long day of travel with many stops. This would be our new home for the next thirteen years.

We were the most recent family to join the others who had already settled into their homes and their appointed jobs. My husband would be the accountant. His task would be keeping the books and writing paychecks once a month for each of the workers.

I remember how excited we were as the airplane approached the runway on the island. For some distance, we flew along the coastline and watched the beautiful blue sea below us. Then we touched down. I wore white gloves and a little hat. This was the year of 1965 and women dressed like that in those days. The hat was blown off immediately by the stiff ocean breeze as soon as I got out of the airplane. It was the last time I wore gloves or a hat on the island.

Our youngest son was only two and a half years old and had been potty-trained and was in 'little boy pants'. However, on the last leg of our trip, he couldn't wait another minute and was more than a little damp upon our arrival. One of the ladies wanted to hold him and I had to apologize for his accident. She said, "Oh, I don't mind one bit." She immediately became my best friend.

Appointed - Officially chosen for a job or responsibility.
Approach - To come nearer.
Potty-trained - Describes children who have learned how to use a potty or toilet.

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