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RUTH: Hello and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth. Aries has joined me again today. She's been spending time in Singapore with her family. Welcome back, Aries.

ARIES: Thank you Ruth, I really enjoyed my time at home visiting all my family. But I didn't have any time to get involved in radio programming! But now, it's good to be back with you. Maybe I'll be able to tell you about my time in Singapore a little later in the programme.

RUTH: That will be good Aries, thank you.

RUTH: So, as well as hearing more about Aries' trip home to Singapore, what else is in today's programme? Each 'Say It Again' programme has a true story. And the one for today is from India. Kalyani tells of the unhappiness that her arranged marriage caused her. It was through listening to the radio that she heard about the living God. Listen later in the programme for more of her story. There is also a chance today to hear part of the last two dramas between Grace and her brother Jim. And as well as all that, there is also a reminder about the word games that we've been playing over the last few weeks. So Aries listen to this with me.


RUTH: We've been looking at descriptions in recent lessons. Descriptions are words that we use to explain about some things. Aries, what was the 'thing' being described in today's drama?

ARIES: It was a skirt. Jim called it a 'thing' and Grace said that it was a beautiful, full skirt.

RUTH: Yes, that's right. A skirt is a noun. A noun can be an object, person, place or thing. Words that are used to describe nouns are called adjectives. Aries, can you tell me some of the adjectives you heard in the drama?

ARIES: The two I can remember are 'beautiful' and 'full'. Both of those were used to describe the skirt.

RUTH: That's good. If we listened to more of the drama, we'd have heard the skirt being described as dark blue silk. It was also covered in beautiful embroidery. Now, here's a part of another drama we've heard over the last few programmes. Aries, listen out for the nouns and adjectives.


RUTH: So Aries, what nouns did you hear?

ARIES: Well Ruth, I heard 'dress' and 'shop'. I think that the names 'Grace' and 'Jim' are both nouns as well. Is that right, Ruth?

RUTH: Yes, Aries it is. 'Grace' and 'Jim' are both proper nouns. That means they are the names of people or places. 'Singapore' is a proper noun. So are all the many other countries of the world. And talking about Singapore, Aries, why don't you describe something you saw while you were home there?

ARIES: Well, the street is still as busy. Singapore never seems to stand still. Renovation is going on all the time. When one project ends, another is on the way.

RUTH: And what were you doing while you were at home?

ARIES: I was working as a relief teacher in a school, teaching English language and History.

RUTH: So when I thought you were going on holiday, really you were going to work. Thank you for telling us that.

RUTH: Describing things can be done in a variety of ways. You can describe something by using words - as we have. You can express your feelings by painting a picture to describe how you feel. You could even write some poetry to express your feelings. Before Aries and I remind you of the word games we've been playing, let's listen to our true story. Kalyani is from India. Lesley is reading the story.

Story Testimony

"I'll kill myself if I can't find a way out of this home. I'll end my life." I thought. "If I can find myself a husband, that will get me away from here.〃

One day, I heard that my father was arranging my marriage. Soon I found out who I was to marry. I was told that this man couldn't refuse strong drink and that he had no job. However, there was no way out. I had to marry this man. The marriage happened, and soon I discovered that what people said was true. My husband would come home drunk. He would shout at me, saying that I hadn't done things right. He would then take a stick and beat me.

When my mother heard of this, she came and took me home again. "You must please the spirits, if you don't, you'll suffer." I'd been told often as a child. So I went to the temple and did as they told me to do to please the spirits. However, I wondered why these spirits couldn't see the pain my husband had gave me. Why did the spirits do nothing? Then one day, some children said to me "You should hear what they have to tell us on the radio. It's such good news!"

So I turned the radio on. As I was listening, I learnt about the God who made everything. I learnt that He wanted to help me. Through the Christian book the Bible, I read how this could happen. I decided that I wanted this God's help, and so I talked with him through prayer. I asked Jesus, His Son, to forgive my sins and cleanse me. "Please give me the power of your Holy Spirit." I added. A few days after this, a real sense of peace and joy came into my life. As a result, everything is now much simpler. I've found true happiness, and I now seek to help people find God's peace in their lives.

RUTH: As I said at the beginning of today's programme, I will remind you of the two word games we've played over the last weeks. These games will be new to Aries since Bela was with me when we played them before. So Aries, I'm going to give you some adjectives and I want you to use them in a sentence to describe something. Do you understand what I mean?

ARIES: Yes Ruth, I think I do.

RUTH: The adjectives are 'big', 'fat', and 'sleepy'.

ARIES: The big, sleepy cat looked very fat.'

RUTH: That's good, Aries. Why don't you say that sentence again with Aries?

ARIES: 'The big, sleepy cat looked very fat.'

RUTH: This is a good game to play with your friends and see who can make up the funniest sentence. The other word game we played was the question game. In this game, my partner thinks of an object and I ask five questions. After she replies, I try to guess the object. These are the five questions you can use. Why don't you say them again after me with Aries? 'What size is it?'

ARIES: 'What size is it?'

RUTH: 'What shape is it?'

ARIES: 'What shape is it?'

RUTH: 'What color is it?'

ARIES: 'What color is it?'

RUTH: 'What is it made of?'

ARIES: 'What is it made of?'

RUTH: 'What is it used for?'

ARIES: 'What is it used for?'

RUTH: This can be a really fun game to play.

RUTH: Well, that is all we have time for in today's 'Say It Again' programme. Next week, I'll have Grace with me and she will be telling us about Sheffield Park Garden. This is a large house and grounds on the south coast of Britain. I hope you'll join us then. Goodbye from Aries and from me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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