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关岛 - 动物 Guam - Animals

Hi friends! Do you have small lizards that crawl inside your home? Well, as we look out our Window on the World today, you might see one in a home on Guam.

The little lizard is called a gecko. They are yellowish grey in color and about 3 inches long. They have special suction cups on their feet that help them walk on walls and ceilings without falling off! They also make a noise that sounds like a high-pitched clicking or laughing. Geckos eat small insects and are rather helpful household visitors.

Outside you might also see another kind of small green lizard called skinks. You can see them scampering in the grass as you walk outside. In the evenings, small land frogs can be seen hopping about.

Brown tree snakes are also found on Guam. They are not poisonous but have been a problem on the island. They have been known to eat small birds and sometimes crawl into the electric power stations and cause the power to go out. Traps are often set in jungle areas to try and catch these pests.

There are also small deer and some wild pigs. They live in jungle or "boonie" areas and are not really seen very often. An animal that looks like a cow, known as a carabao can also be seen. Some people own them and might even let you take a ride on one.

If you like pets, you could have a dog or a cat on Guam. Many people have these animals as house pets. Two favorite breeds of dogs on the island are Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bull Terriers.

The waters off Guam are home to many beautiful fish. If you were to snorkel in the reefs you could see fish in all the colors of the rainbow. Your eyes would really enjoy the underwater sights.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to this little island in our Window on the World. Tune in next week to explore a new and exciting place! Goodbye friends!

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