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垃圾回收 Trash Collectors


Well, this morning was interesting. I was weeding my flower garden in front of the house and was hoping that the garbage men would remove some unwanted cardboard boxes for recycling. Items for recycling were supposed to go into special recycle containers provided by the town council, but I didn't have one and I hadn't called to order one yet.

I greeted the lady across the street who had just returned home after traveling for several weeks. Just then, a recycling truck came down our street, carrying on it several new bright blue recycle containers for delivery. The truck stopped right in front of us to deliver a container to my neighbor. I asked the trash collector if he had a spare one that I could have. The man said, "You have a lovely smile, so you can have one." So I got a new recycle container without much effort.

This incident brought back memories of some other trash collectors I had met when we used to live overseas. I had many a run-in - or run-after - times with those guys!

This was certainly a different experience than those unpleasant encounters.

Recycle - To use something again and again, such as; glass or plastic or paper.
Container - Something that can be used to hold liquids or solids.

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