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RUTH: Hello and welcome to another programme in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth. With me this week I have Aries. Aries has just recently returned from Singapore, where she was visiting her family. Her mother, father and two sisters are living there. Aries, why are you now back in England?

ARIES: I'm living in England because I'm studying at Leed's University. I'm studying to be an accountant. It is a three year course. I went back to my home country Singapore because it was my summer vacation and I really enjoyed seeing all my family again."

RUTH: I wonder if Aries has missed hearing about Grace and Jim, our brother and sister? They always seem to argue or get irritated with each other. In today's drama, it's slightly different. Jim has just brought a new motorbike. He is trying very hard to explain all the different parts of his bike to Grace. She, though, is feeling very protective of him, wanting to make sure that if she rides with him, they will both be safe. Listen to their tale.


RUTH: Aries, we've just heard Grace and Jim talking about Jim's new motorbike. Can you remember anything about it?

ARIES: Yes, it was blue and red with shiny silver parts on it.

GRACE: Good! Did you hear that new adjective?

ARIES: Um.... Was it 'streamlined'? Streamlined means it's made so that the wind flows over it. It has a smooth line.

RUTH: Jim also said his bike was big, but it wasn't heavy.

ARIES: Oh yes! Jim said it was lightweight. The chassis or framework was made of lightweight metal. I can't remember what it was called.

RUTH: Let's listen again to that part of the drama and see if you can notice the name of the lightweight metal.


RUTH: So Aries, did you notice what metal the bike was made of?

ARIES: Yes Ruth. It was aluminum.

RUTH: Aluminum is a very lightweight metal, but it is very strong! Did Jim go on to say anything else about his bike?

ARIES: Yes! He said it was comfortable. The seats were comfortable to sit on for long rides.

RUTH: That means it would not only be comfortable for long rides but comfortable for bumpy rides too! Modern motorbikes are specially made to be comfortable. I wonder if Grace enjoyed her ride as a passenger.

RUTH: At the end of the programme, Aries and I will use some of the descriptive phrases we've said and make it into a game so that you can build up a better picture of Jim's motorbike.

RUTH: Each week on 'Say It Again', as well as learning more about the English language, there is the opportunity to listen to the true stories of many different people from all around the world. Today's story is from Brazil. It's the story of Baltazar. He was a professional footballer from Brazil who played for some of his career in Spain. But his talent for football didn't bring him pleasure. His story is being read by Toby White.

Story Testimony

"Baltazar has scored the most goals in the history of Spanish football," they said. "Nobody has scored more than Baltazar."

I began to play football at the age of twelve. I have a gift for playing the game, and I now believe that God gave me that gift. As a boy, I decided that I was not interested in religion. I tried to find happiness in pleasure. But at this time, I felt there was no joy in my life. I knew that I had got myself into bad habits. I could not break free from these and I wasn't happy. However, one day I said to myself, "I have tried every other way I can think of to find happiness. I will see if what those Christians say is true." I knew that to obtain true happiness, I had to ask the Living God to forgive my sins. So I told God, "I am sorry for all my sins. I believe that God's only son, Jesus Christ, allowed men to kill him as punishment for my sins."

By talking with God in this way, I came to know real happiness and joy. I still have these feelings today. People say about me, "There is something different about Baltazar's life. I tell them, "The difference you see is the Living God working in me. I know that my sins are forgiven." I now give the Christian Holy Book - the Bible to other football players. I tell them, "This book will help you to understand the problems in your life. It will help you, as it helped me, to find the meaning of true happiness". I know that the most important thing in my life was to receive from God the gift of the Holy Spirit. Just as it happened to me, so it can happen to you too.

RUTH: Have you ever read the Bible? I do regularly. I thought that I could read you part of my favorite passage from the Bible. It's found in the Old Testament in the book of Psalms and its some verses from number 18.


RUTH: I'll repeat where you can find these verses at the end of the programme, so then if you want to find this passage and read it for yourself, you can do so.

RUTH: As I said earlier in the programme, Aries and I will play a word game that we hope will give you a very clear picture in your mind of Jim's motorbike. We'll use the questions we've used in previous programmes. Aries will ask me the questions and I will answer her describing Jim's bike. Say the questions with Aries. Are you ready Aries?

ARIES: Yes Ruth I am. I will start with the question, 'What size is it?'

RUTH: It is as long as my arms when they are wide open, from the tip of my left hand to the tip of my right. It's as high as my waist.

ARIES: What shape is it?

RUTH: It's streamlined and it's also not very wide. I would say it was narrow.

ARIES: What color is it?

RUTH: Grace and Jim both spoke about the bike's colors. They said it was blue and red. It was also very shiny.

ARIES: What is it used for?

RUTH: It is used for traveling. Many people use a motorbike for going fast. I hope Aries and I have given you a clearer picture of Jim's bike. In our next 'Say It Again' programme, we'll continue learning more about descriptions. But that is all we have time for today. Before I say good-bye, let me remind you of where in the Bible you can find those verses I read. They're in the book of Psalms and its Psalm 18. Thank you for listening to 'Say It Again' today. Goodbye from Aries and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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