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Traditional Chinese

意见不合 (2) Disagreement (2)

RUTH: Hello! Welcome to another edition of 'Say It Again.' My name is Ruth and Aries is here with me. This is the last time for a few weeks that Aries will be here. She is returning home to Singapore to visit her family. We hope that she'll come back and join us when she returns. Will you, Aries?

ARIES: Yes Ruth, I will look forward to joining you again later in the series. What are we looking at today?

RUTH: Last week, we looked at polite ways of disagreeing with a very good friend or family member. This week, we're looking at ways of disagreeing with an older person or maybe a friend you don't know very well. There is another in our series of true life stories. This week's story is about a Chinese doctor. Aries, can you remind me one of the sentences we practiced?

ARIES: I think one of them was, 'Don't be so silly.' Is that right?

RUTH: Yes, there was also, 'Come off it' and 'You can't be serious'. Today, we're looking at ways of disagreeing with an older person or maybe a friend you don't know very well. You must be very polite in English. You don't say, 'I disagree!' There are two very polite expressions of disagreement. I'll say them first and you can repeat them after me with Aries. 'I see what you mean, but...'

ARIES: 'I see what you mean but....'

RUTH: 'Perhaps, but don't you think that...?'

ARIES: 'Perhaps, but don't you think that...?'

RUTH: Aries, I'm going to make a statement, and I want you to disagree with me using one of the two sentences we've just practiced. 'English is a very easy language to learn.'

ARIES: 'Perhaps, but don't you think that it is difficult to learn all the tenses and verbs?'

RUTH: Good, that's right. I'll make another statement and why don't you disagree with me using the other answer we practiced. 'I think that you can learn the rules of English grammar easily.'

ARIES: 'I see what you mean, but there are so many exceptions to the rules, I find English very hard to learn.'

RUTH: That was really good. You used both the expressions we practiced earlier. 'Perhaps, but don't you think...?' and 'I see what you mean, but...'

RUTH: We've been looking at polite ways of disagreeing with people today. In the drama we heard last week, Grace and her brother Jim were disagreeing with each other. Let's hear their disagreement again just to remind ourselves how very polite we've been today.


RUTH: The difference is very obvious. Did you notice the short sentences that they used? 'Don't be silly'. 'You can't be serious.' In being very polite, we make our sentences longer and show respect to the person we want to disagree with. In English culture, you can have the freedom to disagree with people. I think most English people would rather you were honest and disagree with them. We don't like it when others pretend to agree, but really don't. Do you think that is true Aries?

ARIES: Yes Ruth, I have found that to be true but I've always tried to be polite when I disagree.

RUTH: We'll practice those replies again at the end of the programme. One thing that Aries and I agree on is that we both enjoy the true stories we hear each week. Today's story is read by Dick and it's about a Chinese doctor. The story tells how this doctor began to think about the creation of the world and how he found an answer to his questions by reading a free 'good news' paper called 'SOON'.

Story Testimony

As a doctor, I'd thought a lot about evolution and I'd believed for a long time that Charles Darwin's theory was true. It was only when I started to read the 'SOON' good news broadsheet that I started to think about the creation of life again.

I knew that in all of humankind, there are only four kinds of blood. I knew that whatever the colour of people's skin, they all had one of these four kinds of blood. I also knew that no one has blood in their body that is partly one kind of blood and partly another kind of blood.

The 'SOON' good news broadsheet told me that a God lives that made everything. In this free paper, it told me that God made the first man  Adam, and that God wants to supply all our needs. I thought that this 'SOON' idea was just another idea thought up by another man.

But I began to think and wonder on the ideas I was reading. Maybe Darwin was wrong. So after much thought I decided, 'It takes more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in a God who made everything, like Christians believe. Now I believe God made all things, and wants to help us all.

RUTH: Aries, today's programme has all been about disagreeing. Before we practice again the sentences we spoke earlier, may I ask you some questions?

ARIES: Certainly, Ruth, go ahead.

RUTH: In an earlier programme, you told us about the 'Rice Dumpling Festival.' Now that you have lived in England for a little while, what is your favorite English festival?

ARIES: I think my favorite is Christmas. I like it because you get to prepare your own Christmas dinner, you exchange gifts. It's more fun here as compared to Singapore. It is really a big event here. What is your favorite festival, Ruth?

RUTH: I like Easter. We don't have a lot of presents giving and festivities but it's very important to me in my faith in the living God because it's a time when we remember that His Son Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us.

ARIES: The English festivals are very different from our Chinese ones though. Maybe I'll tell you about that when I come back from Singapore.

RUTH: Well, it's almost time to go. Just before we say goodbye, Aries and I will repeat the two sentences we've been practicing today. I'll say them first. Why don't you say them again with Aries after me? 'Perhaps, but don't you think....?'

ARIES: 'Perhaps, but don't you think....?'

RUTH: 'I see what you mean, but...'

ARIES: 'I see what you mean, but...'

RUTH: As I said at the beginning of the programme, this is the last time that Aries will be with us for a while. So, thank you Aries, and we look forward to you joining us again later in the series. Next week, I have Grace back with me for another of her visits to an interesting place in Britain. It's the town of Bath in Avon. So goodbye from Aries and from me

BOTH: Goodbye.

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