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吸毒 Taking Drugs

RUTH: Welcome to another programme in our series 'Say It Again'. I'm Ruth Lowton and with me today is Aries. Well, what's happening in today's programme? We're going to look at some ways of hesitating. There is an interview with an Olympic medal winner. His name is Peter Elliott. Stay with us and find out what event he won his medal in.

ARIES: Ruth, you didn't say anything about our true life stories. Is there another story this week?

RUTH: Yes, there is Aries. Today's story is about G Vinjay who lives in Malaysia. He was a man whose life was ruined by taking drugs. He thought his life was at its end when he was lying on the street with people walking over him. His parents despaired over their son's broken life. It seemed no one could help him. That was until he was visited by two men in hospital. In this true story today, listen to how his life was changed. It's read for us by Dick.

Story Testimony

I had been taking drugs for a long time. The more I took, the more I wanted. One day I found myself falling down in the street. Would someone stop for me and help me?

Drugs ruled my life. My parents did all they could for me but nothing seemed to help me. While I was lying there in the street, I thought death would be the only way. People passed me by, some even trod on me. I felt death was very near. 'Help me,' I cried. Someone stopped and I was taken to hospital. As I lay in the hospital, I thought about my life. My parents worshipped their Hindu gods. They taught me from my childhood to do the same, but I found no satisfaction in doing so. I tried drugs to satisfy the hunger within me. All I found was that the more drugs I took, the more I needed to take them. To satisfy my habit, I not only took drugs but I sold them as well. My parents could only weep over my broken life.

While I was in hospital thinking about my life, two men came to my bed side. 'We'll ask the one true God to help you and heal you,' they said. I felt very different after they prayed and soon I was able to leave the hospital. But a little later, I found myself beginning to take drugs again.

One day, while I was selling drugs, the police came after me, I had to run. I knew they'll put me in prison if I was caught. The only place I could run to was a nearby Christian Church. The people inside this church began to talk to me. 'God is the only one who can give you all the joy and peace you need.' I wasn't sure of what they said, but I remembered those men who prayed when I was so sick. I decided to try and talk to their God. God transformed my life. I found that by putting my trust in God, I could now say 'no' to my desire for drugs. God gave me the power of his Holy Spirit, helping me to change my life completely.

ARIES: The biggest change to his life came when he met with God.

RUTH: Yes, he found that when he was feeling life held nothing more for him, God was able to remake his life into something special.

RUTH: As I said at the beginning of the programme, here are some ways of hesitating. Sentences like these can be used so that you can think about what is being said. I'll say them first and you can repeat them with Aries after me. 'In fact I could be wrong.'

ARIES: 'In fact, I could be wrong.'

RUTH: 'You see, I think that it really is very hard.'

ARIES: 'You see, I think that it really is very hard.'

RUTH: 'Actually, I'm really not sure.'

ARIES: 'Actually, I'm really not sure.'

RUTH: I promised you in our last programme that today we would be hearing from an Olympic medal winner. An athlete competing in a race needs to be fit and healthy. Peter Elliott is a British runner and Mike Flynn is interviewing him. His first question to Peter is 'when did you start running?ˇ Listen to his answer. Mike goes on to ask him about the medal he won in the Korean Olympics in Seoul. They go on to talk about drug-taking in sports. Listen to this interview and then, with Aries, try and answer my questions. Let me ask my first question now. Aries, at what age did Peter start running?


ARIES: He started running when he was quite young, but he said he was 19 when he won his first major race.

RUTH: Yes, that's right. I think for many athletes that 19 is quite old. He went on to speak about his feelings when he won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul. What did he say?

ARIES: He said that it felt good. I'm sure it must be wonderful to stand on the winner's rostrum and have a medal hung around your neck.

RUTH: Yes, I'm sure all the Chinese athletes at the Barcelona Olympic Games in Spain were just as proud of all the medals that they won. Mike's last question to Peter was about athletes taking drugs. Can you remember what Peter said about drugs?

ARIES: Yes I can. He felt that athletes who cheated by taking drugs should be banned. That means, I think, that he wanted all athletes who take drugs to be stopped from entering any more competitions. At the beginning of the programme, we heard about how drugs destroyed G Vinjay's life.

RUTH: Yes Aries, it doesn't seem to matter, whoever takes drugs - it can destroy their lives and careers.

RUTH: Now, just before we finish our programme today, I thought we'll look back at our earlier sentences and repeat some of them again. Do you remember we were looking at ways of hesitating? I'll say them first, and why don't you say them again with Aries? Ready? 'In fact I could be wrong.'

ARIES: 'In fact I could be wrong.'

RUTH: 'You see, I think it really is very hard....'

ARIES: 'You see, I think it really is very hard....'

RUTH: But now, it is the end of another 'Say It Again' programme. So until next week from Aries and me

BOTH: Goodbye.

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