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Traditional Chinese

  My name is Adam Neil and I am a college student in America. Though my parents are from America, I grew up in Asia. That has given me a unique perspective of life in American college. I hope that these short episodes can give you a feeling for life as a college student in America. [mp3]


圣诞节 Christmas

Christmas is and has always been the most popular and anticipated holiday in America. People already begin to decorate the houses and stores as early as November, and throughout December, anticipation for the holiday gets stronger.

As a child, my favorite part of the holiday was always the presents. Our family always did the same thing each year. We would wake up early Christmas morning and open our stockings right away. Our stockings, which are actually just large oversized socks, traditionally hung up next to the fireplace, and our parents would fill them up with presents. After opening up the gifts in our stockings, we would then eat breakfast with the whole family, and go to the Christmas service at Church. After we got back from Church, we would start opening up the large gifts that were placed under the tree. As a kid, I would look forward to Christmas a few months ahead of time and couldn't wait until Christmas would finally arrive.

Now that I am a little older, Christmas is not as exciting as it was before, but it is still an enjoyable time. I still get presents from my parents, but the presents are not as exciting as when I was a little kid. For me now, the best part of Christmas is being able to stay with family, and to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Each Christmas is a special time at the end of the year, where we can all enjoy the many traditions and experiences of Christmas.

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