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中英双语阅读 : 诗情话意
Psalms Reflections and Paths

Psalm 8: 4 What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?

This is a very good question. Have you ever thought about who you are and who is mindful of you? Are you the favored one at home; a leader at school or office and good friend of peers? In the world, these statuses may need efforts to obtain. But God is mindful of us when we are first born. By His grace, we are crowned with His glory and are assigned to manage creatures He created (Psalm 8:5). As chosen ones, we are a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) and an ambassador of Christ (2 Cor. 5:20). Have we learned of these precious identities? Have we strongly guarded these identities and done the job of stewardship properly? What and who will influence our decisions in the process of stewardship? Haven’t we ever fallen into competition and power struggles? Will groaning, slandering, adultery and drunkenness be ways to relieve pressure of stewardship? How can one avoid falling like Adam and Eve?

Praise the majesty of God’s name (Psalm 8:1). Praise that He put the moon and stars in the proper place of the heavens (Psalm 8:1, 8:3) and ordained praises on the lips of children and infants which silenced the enemies (Psalm 8:2). The more we reflect upon God’s omnipotence, the more He displays Himself as the only true God that we should fear and revere. In the embrace of His arms, we have strength to fight against temptations. We truly know that He will work in us to finish the work He desired.

Praise God; praise His might. Thank God; thank Him for giving us the right to rule creatures of the world and be crowned with honor and glory from Him. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill our hearts wholly and that He leads us to be good stewards.

诗篇8 :4 便说: 人算什么, 你竟顾念他?世人算甚么,你竟眷顾他?

这是一个很好的问题。你可曾想过你是谁?谁会顾念你?你是家中的宠儿吗?是学校及公司里的领袖吗?是同伴的好朋友吗? 在世上,这些身份可能都要努力才能得到。但神在我们初生时已顾念我们。在祂的恩典下,我们得着神荣耀尊贵的冠冕, 被委派管理神手所造的万物(8:5) 。作为被拣选的族裔,我们是君尊的祭司(彼前2:9), 又是基督的使者(林后5:20) 。 我们是否已认识到这宝贵的身份?是否坚守这身份,并做好管家的本份?在管理过程中,什么人或事会影响我们的决定? 我们是否曾陷入争竞或权力争斗中?痛苦唉哼,诽谤、淫行、醉酒是身处管理压力下的宣泄之道吗?人该如何避免像亚当、夏娃般堕落呢?

赞美神的威名 (8:1) !赞美神将月亮星宿陈设在天(8:1, 8:3) ,在婴孩口中建立能力,叫仇敌闭口无言(8:2)! 越是反思神的大能,越彰显出祂是唯一的真神,配得敬畏和尊崇。在他双臂的怀抱中,我们有力量战胜诱惑。我们确信祂会在我们里面作工, 完成祂要成就的工。


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