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纽西兰 - 民族 New Zealand - People

Welcome back to Window on the World. I hope you are learning new things each week about the countries we have been visiting. Today, we head back "down under" to find out about our island friends from New Zealand. Last week we found that there are 2 main islands, North Island and South Island.

The earliest people to settle in New Zealand were the Maoris. They most likely traveled by canoe from the Pacific island of Tahiti to make their homes there. Other people who moved to New Zealand were from Britain.

The population of New Zealand is about 3,548,000. Most of New Zealandˇs population live on North Island. The official languages of the country are English and Maori.

Families enjoy being together for meals. Many will even have fruit and vegetable gardens to grow some of their own foods. People also enjoy many different outdoor activities. One sport you could enjoy is rugby. This is a game with two teams of men who try passing, kicking or carrying an oval ball to score points. Other sports played are soccer, hockey, skating, skiing, and mountain climbing. Summer sports include cricket, which is a game played by two teams of men who use balls, bats, and wickets. You could also enjoy tennis, swimming, sailing, hiking and horseback riding.

Next week on Window on the World, we will find out about foods served in New Zealand. I hope you will listen next time to find out what kinds of food pavlova and hokey pokey are! Farewell, my friends!

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