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以色列 - 食物 Israel - Food


Greetings, friends and welcome to Window on the World. We've been learning some new information about the country of Israel. Israel is located in the Middle East near Egypt. The land ranges from mountains to desert. Today, we will find out about some foods the people who live there enjoy.

Our Jewish friends in Israel follow certain rules for eating some kinds of foods. These are called the "Kosher Rules." The rules are based on some laws found in the Old Testament of the Bible. One rule says that only cows and sheep may be eaten as food but not pigs. Another rule tells that only fish that have scales may be eaten, not shellfish like clams or shrimp. Both shellfish and pigs are considered to be scavenger animals. Because the scavenger animal eats unclean things, they are called "unclean animals" so the Jewish people do not eat them.

The people do enjoy a very light morning meal. They then plan to eat their main meal in the early afternoon. Chicken and fish are often served. One kind of fish that is eaten is called "gefilte" fish. It is ground fish formed into balls and served cold. Salads of vegetables served with olive oil, lemon juice and spices are eaten every day. Sometimes, meat and vegetables are served on a skewer or long stick and cooked over a fire. These are called "kebabs." A special soup called "borscht" is made from beets, a round, red vegetable. Many kinds of fruits are grown in Israel and they are enjoyed as well. You could have melons, oranges, apples or grapes.

Learning about different countries around the world is so interesting. I hope you are enjoying learning new things each week. It is time to close our Window on the World now. Farewell, until next week.

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