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巴斯城 City of Bath

RUTH: Welcome to 'Say It Again'. This is a regular English language programme. My name is Ruth and with me this week, I have Grace. As I told you last week, Grace is here to talk about another interesting place in Britain. This week, it's the city of Bath. This is a very popular tourist town in Avon. It's situated on the lower left side of the British Isles. So, welcome Grace, I'm looking forward to hearing about all you have to share with us today.

GRACE: Hello Ruth, it's good to be back here with you. I must admit I've really enjoyed finding out all I can about the city of Bath. There are some really interesting things that have happened there.

RUTH: Before we hear more from Grace and find out exactly what a spa town is, I want to remind you about our true story. Each week, we hear a different true story from someone around the world. Today's story comes from Korea. It's about Stephanie Fast and is read for us by Lesley. So back to you, Grace. Let me ask you my first question. What exactly is a spa town?


RUTH: It's fascinating finding out about different places. We have another in our true stories. Today, Lesley is reading Stephanie Fast's story. Stephanie is from Korea. She lived as a street child for seven years. Here is her story.

Story Testimony

'My father left us many years before when I was only a small child. My mother didn't want me, so from a very early age, I began to wander the streets. I ate anything I could find. I also slept along with many other children under bridges and in shacks wherever we could find shelter. I lived as a street child for seven years without a name and with no home to go to.

One day I watched my friend die in a horrid and nasty way. It was while I was watching her die, that a lady who was passing saw what was happening and reached down and saved me.

I was covered in lice and had many sores all over my body. Yet this lady began to care for me. But it wasn't easy for me. I'd had a lot of freedom while out on the streets. I'd been on my own for so long. I also felt deep hurt inside me for what my parents had done to me. I hated everyone for the way I'd suffered.

I was taken into the home of a kind family, and they began to tell me about God. They told me that even though my parents had left me, that God did and would always care for me and love me.

One day I asked God to forgive my wrong thoughts and desires. 'Please give me new desires', I asked. God did this for me. I was able to receive His love and care, I thanked Jesus Christ, God's Son, for dying for me. I now tell people how God changed my life. God can help you, as he helped me. I tell everyone.'

RUTH: How amazing! Living on the streets in such poverty and squalor is no start in life for anyone. Yet Stephanie's story tells us that there is always hope to be found and that the living God is able to bring hope where there seems to be none at all. We've come to the end of our time for today. Next week, I'll have another presenter with me. Bela will be helping you to 'Say It Again'. So please join us both then. Grace will be back later in the series looking at Cawdor Castle in Scotland. So until next week, from me Ruth - and from Grace...

BOTH: Goodbye.

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