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纽西兰 - 食物 New Zealand - Food

Greetings dear friends! We have been discovering many things about New Zealand in the last two weeks. Are you ready to hear about some of the foods that the people enjoy? Do you know what "pavlova" is? Have you ever eaten "hokey pokey?" Those are two sweet treats served in New Zealand.

If you like sweets then you'll enjoy both pavlova and hokey pokey. Pavlova is a well-known dessert served in New Zealand. It is made by beating egg whites together with sugar until they are very thick. This mixture is then formed into a circle and place onto a flat baking pan and cooked in the oven. The egg white mixture puffs up and becomes crisp while baking. To serve this sweet dessert, you just set the crisp circle on a dish and serve it with fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruit or pineapples and whipped cream. It is very tasty. I know you would enjoy "pavlova"!

The other sweet treat, "hokey pokey", is a crunchy candy made by boiling sugar until it is brown. Then you just pour it onto a flat dish to let it cool down and harden. When cooled, you just break it apart and eat it. Be careful when chewing... "Hokey pokey" is quite hard and crunchy on the teeth.

If you like bananas, you could make this next food. It is a "banana sandwich." You just need 2 slices of bread, a banana, and butter. Carefully, spread a small amount of butter onto the bread. Slice the banana into pieces to fit onto one piece of bread. Put the other piece of bread on the top of it and you have a "banana sandwich." It is easy to make and very good for you!

New Zealanders eat lots of nutritious foods that are grown there. You could find apples, pears, kiwi fruit, and potatoes. The waters near New Zealand are full of tasty fish like tuna, orange roughy, snapper, squid, and lobster. If you enjoy meat with your meal, you could try beef or lamb. Both of those are often made into "meat pies" that are served as a complete meal.

We must close our Window on the World for today. Listen again next week to find out about two animals that are only found in New Zealand; a kiwi and a tuatara. Goodbye, friends.

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