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以色列 - 圣经里的历史 Israel - Biblical History

Israel-Biblical History

We have been learning all about the country of Israel. It has been interesting to learn about this country. Hello friends, we will find out some historical information about Israel today.

In Bible times, the people were called the Israelites. They were known as God's chosen people. They worshiped only Jehovah as their true God. God had made a promise with Abraham, a man who loved God very much. God told Abraham that the Israelites would be blessed if they loved and obeyed God.

To help them obey, God gave them His laws. These laws are called the "Ten Commandments." God told Moses, the leader who led the people out of Egypt, to teach the "Ten Commandments" to the Israelites. These laws were very important. The people would learn the best ways to live and worship God.

God also gave the Israelites, special men who would bring important messages. These men were called prophets. They would tell about future events. They taught the laws and showed the people how they should act. Sometimes, the people would sin, or do bad things. The prophets taught the Israelites all about God's mercy and forgiveness. Several books of the Old Testament in the Bible are written by these prophets.

Because God wanted His special people to worship Him, the Israelites built a house of worship called the "Tabernacle." The Tabernacle was a symbol that God's presence was always with His people. Worship of God included cleansing, praying and bringing offerings. Special men called, priests, led the worship. The most important part of the Israelite worship was the shedding of blood by sacrificing animals. God told the Israelites that with the shedding of blood of a young animal, He would forgive their sins and have mercy on them. God's people wanted to please their God by honoring Him with this kind of worship.

We can see that God cares greatly for His people. Even today, God still watches over you and me and people who give Him great honor. I hope you have learned some new things today in our Window on the World. I hope you will join me again next week for more interesting information about places around our globe. Goodbye for now, friends.

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