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Caroling, Caroling [ mp3 ]

Don: (Walking down the sidewalk) What a beautiful night for Christmas caroling!

Rick: Yeah, I do love to get out and sing the great songs of the season. Except when we come to old Mr. McGuff's house.

Don: That gripey old man. I think I will knock on his door and sing to him anyway.

Rick: Don, Mr. McGuff doesn't like people coming up to his house... especially people singing Christmas carols.

Don: And that is why I want to go up there, Rick! I want to show him a little Christmas cheer. Are you coming?

Rick: Don. He does not want us there?(Well then I am going without you!) It is true that believers in Christ have a wonderful message for the world. And we really should share it more! Here at Lifeword, we share the good news of Jesus with about half the people of the world in 24 languages! Today's life word is share! Donny: "God rest you merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay! Remember Christ our savior (door opens) Hi, Mr. McGuff! was born on Christmas dayyyyyeouch!"

McGuff: Attack! (Big dog growls and lunges. Don screams!)

Rick: Just be sure to share in a way that does not turn people against Christ, OK? This is Lifeword!




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